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About the project


In 2019, with support of the Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events, and the League of Chicago Theaters, with additional support from Enrich Chicago, and alongside Chicago Public parks, Free Street participated in a cultural asset mapping project of Chicago’s south and west sides.

From 2019 – 2021, Free Street focused on documenting individual artists, formal and informal art spaces, spaces used for the arts, and arts organizations and collectives in five core neighborhoods: Back of the Yards, Englewood, Brighton Park, McKinley Park, and Gage Park.

We led several online workshops, asking neighborhood residents how they saw the arts presently in their community, and how they envisioned the future of the arts.


the result


As a result of our research, mapping and workshops, we presented our findings, and the work of artists we met along the way, in two forms.

CULTURE MAKERS MAP: All of our data lives on our Culture Maker’s Map. Head to the link below to meet an artist, organization or space. 

GALLERY: In January of 2021, we presented the work of over 20 visual artists, performance artists and storytellers at our Storyfront space in Back of the Yards. You can learn about who brought the gallery together on the about page of our Culture Maker’s website.

CHICAGO PARK DISTRICT: The Chicago Park District collected data of several other ways and with different methods. Click the link below to explore their approach.