When building a community the two most important things to make it work is a shared collective language and a common goal to work towards. A universal language that transcends race, sex, religion and creed; one that opens up a dialogue and brings people together is artistic self-expression.
Throughout my life, I, D-Nick The Microphone Misfit, have learned that self-expression is one of the most powerful things that exists in the human body. Whether a person has everything or nothing, they have self-expression. The artistic component to self-expression, whether its in the form of dance, music, painting, drawing, or theatre, speaks directly to the soul of the audience. This is one of the highest forms of communication.In working with the students at Little Village High School we have built a community within ourselves by using these two principles of shared collective language and a common goal. This goal and language is theater in all forms. Our goal was to write and perform the most honest and creative piece of theater we could collectively put together. Our language was art. We always kept it about the art. Any problems we had with each other we overcame through the art of theater, music, and dance. Our souls connected and we connected with something greater than ourselves.

D-Nick The Microphone Misfit, Teaching Artist

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