Hot off their sold-out run and critical appraise for Cold Summer, The Young Fugitives now will debut their upcoming production, Track 13, a tribute to Deonta Mackey at Free Street Theater on Wednesday, August 13, at 7pm.

On Monday, February 10, 2014, 16 year-old Deonta Mackey attempted to rob an off-duty Cook Country Sheriff sergeant at a gas station in the Pullman neighborhood of Chicago. Within minutes he was shot dead by the sheriff. News reports, the victim’s mothers and Internet comments championed the officer while reactions to Mackey’s death ranged from lament to vitriol, “Little nigger got what he deserved.” This is more than an isolated tragedy. Young people of color are sadly all too familiar with premature death and police brutality. In Track 13, The Young Fugitives attempt to untangle the web of history, law or order, race, and social inequality that caught Deonta Mackey.

Combining physical and silent theater, personal narratives and original sound engineering by artist and DJ Sadie Woods, The Young Fugitives push us to examine our assumptions through compelling and challenging performance.

Presented by Free Street Theater. Directed by Ricardo Gamboa and The Young Fugitives. Written and developed by The Young Fugitives with Ricardo Gamboa. The Young Fugitives currently active are: Valeria Nava, Seline Racey, Alfonzo Smith Jr., Patches Blanton, Jesse Murphy, Yvonne Coleman, Chad Robey, Frances Herrera-Lim, Elijah Ruiz.

Wednesday, August 13



1419 W. Blackhawk Ave

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