The Americans Are Coming…

imgres-1The Americans are eating soft serve. The Americans think #SomeLivesMatter. The Americans are Team Orange, Team Pantsuit, or Team It’s All Rigged Anyway. The Americans are wondering if they can remove their gel manicures themselves. The Americans are excited about the return of the pumpkin spice latte. The Americans want a spoiler alert. The Americans are coming to a theater near you…!

Free Street is pleased to announce a special election-edition tour of The Americans. Created and conceived by Coya Paz, and directed by Katrina Dion, The Americans is based on interviews with over 200 people in 10 states, and asks: what brings us together? What tears us apart? This 50-minute performance has been reworked to engage the 2016 election, and is designed to tour to colleges and universities, community organizations, and private parties. Our fees are always sliding scale. Want to bring it to you? Contact

The Americans will also be performed at Free Street HQ on October 17, 24, and November 7th.

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