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“”Meet Juan(ito) Doe“, is a beautiful interwoven tapestry of stories about Chicago’s Mexican-American and Mexican immigrant community. While most theater companies and artists are willing to tell a “community” story, as long as that story is nestled within the cozy confines of an Up-North well known theatrical institution. Joyce Award Recipients Ricardo Gamboa and Free Street Theater, are fearless in their approach to actually creating work about the community, in the actual community the work speaks”.
-Loy Webb, Newcity
“Ricardo Gamboa’s Meet Juan(ito) Doe at Free Street Theater, co-directed by Gamboa and Ana Velazquez, is a success as one of the most innovative community engaged theatre pieces we will see this season”.
– Regina Victor, Rescripted
“Gamboa and Velazquez’s piece celebrates the possibility and humanity of a community, and ends on a note of uncertainty about its future, as gentrification grips places like Pilsen. But it’s work like this that helps create the future of community. And, for a white audience, Meet Juan(ito) Doe is not so much an appreciation or an education about the mythical other: It’s a community telling you who they are-and we should listen”.
-Liz Baudler, Windy City Times 
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