Hi, L’Oreal!

As we head in to the new year, we thought we’d check in with Free Street Artist L’Oreal Jackson. In addition to her work at Free Street, L’Oreal is a yoga instructor, a solo performer, and a whiz at whipping up at home spa remedies.  Over the summer, she co-directed Why Didn’t the Chicken Cross […]

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Join the new Free Street Collective

In 1969, Patrick Henry founded Free Street Theater with a vision of making theater that anyone could participate in. Free Street was one of the first racially integrated theater companies in Chicago, and performed in parks, on streets, and diverse community spaces. For 44 years, Free Street has been committed to finding ways to create […]

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Free Street’s HOMECOMING

Exciting things are in the air at Free Street, so let’s celebrate!  2013 has been big year for Free Street. We’ve welcomed a new Executive Director, Caroline O’Boyle, and a new Artistic Director, Coya Paz; and with their help, we’ve begun an exciting journey back to our roots (grassroots, that is). For 44 years, Free […]

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