Karina (left) rehearsing at Makhampom Theatre, Thailand.  2010

Around November 2006 my mother came to me and my older brother asking  “You guys wanna check out this acting place with me?” and we very enthusiastically replied “eh”. Later that day we came to Pulaski Park were we came a across a wonderful place named Free Street Theater.

At first I didn’t want to do the program; blame it on my shyness and my inability to be around people other than my family.  However, my brother liked it and he was my main reason for coming back. The reason I stayed was because as I slowly over came my shyness I found myself forming a bond with the people here. I began to see Free Street as my second home, a second family.

Since then I have been in 6 performances: Mad Joy, Juxtapose, Sub-Prime Youth, To Kill a Teenager, Abe’s in a Bad Way and a performance in Thailand.  Each one was as beautiful and as twisted as the next and being able to perform them with my second family brought me the greatest memories I have.

The greatest of the great however was probably my trip to Thailand. More specifically, one night were the Thai ensemble and the Free Streeters got together and just had fun. We were dancing and showing them how to “crank that batman.” Being able to have fun with people who live a totally different life than us and who probably couldn’t even  under stand more then two words a sentence was unforgettable–It felt like flying.

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