Okay, friends! Here’s the short version of what’s coming up this fall:

100 Hauntings: Thursdays and Fridays at 7pm, October 20th-December 2nd. Tickets here.

The Americans: October 17, 26, 31 and November 7 at 7pm. Tickets here.

Check our calendar for special events, volunteer opportunities, co-programming for small children, and more.

And here’s the long version! 

An elevator operator named Jorge doesn’t know he’s dead. A passive aggressive ghost defends his territory at the corner of Division and Western. A mysterious pattern of red lined maps chokes the city into decades-long segregation. In 100 Hauntings, created by an intergenerational ensemble of performers, comedians, writers and community organizers, Free Street asks who and what is haunting Chicago.


If you happened to catch our touring version of 100 Hauntings this summer, prepare yourself! This version is BIGGER. BADDER. And DEADER, featuring a completely reworked script and surprising special effects.

Seating is limited for this event (no standing room only this time!) so advance tickets are strongly encouraged. Get them by visiting here. As always, walk-up tickets are pay-what-you-can and we save a handful for every show!

We will be offering co-programming for children 3-12 on October 28, November 18, and December 2. Your favorite children can join our experienced teaching artists for stories and crafts while you enjoy the show. FREE!

Also playing at Free Street this fall: THE AMERICANS!



The Americans are eating soft-serve. The Americans are debating who won the debate. The Americans are Team Orange, Team Pantsuit, or Team It’s All Rigged Anyway. The Americans are wondering what Rihanna sees in Drake. The Americans are headed to Free Street Theater for a special election-edition performance.
The Americans is an ensemble-based performance that uses 5-minute “flash interviews” as its primary source material. Creator Coya Paz, working with a team of artists, spoke with over 200 people in 10 states, asking two starting questions: What does it mean to be an American? If you could tell 100 people something about being an American, what would it be? Respondents range from undocumented immigrants to founders of local Minutemen chapters; mothers of active-duty servicemen to Vietnam draft dodgers; flag wavers to (literal) flag burners. The result is a fast, funny, and open-hearted snapshot of a national culture built on the importance of individual freedoms.

This is primarily a TOURING show, but we will be offering 4 at-home performances on October 17, 26, 31 and November 7 at 7pm.  Seating is limited to 35 people per performance, so advance tickets are highly recommended. 


In January, (dates TBA) we’ll be bringing back storyteller extraordinaire LILY BE for an extended run of her BRAND NEW solo play Por Chingona… In April, our HQ Ensemble (ages 13-19) will be presenting a new work that responds to the first 100 days of whomever is elected president this Fall. And in May, catch a new play from Lani Montreal and a team of artist-activist-parents called Night of the Living Moms.