I like Free Street’s creative process because it’s like nothing I’ve ever done. I’m usually not the type of person that does certain crazy spontaneous things in front of people. The welcoming, nonjudgmental environment that my ensemble members and my instructors, Ashley and Sam have, helps me to try new things. Now I’m able to […]

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Karina (left) rehearsing at Makhampom Theatre, Thailand.  2010 Around November 2006 my mother came to me and my older brother asking  “You guys wanna check out this acting place with me?” and we very enthusiastically replied “eh”. Later that day we came to Pulaski Park were we came a across a wonderful place named Free […]

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June.9.2011 Students from Crown Community Academy (Little Village) and Sabin Magnet Dual Language School (Wicker Park) gave a reading at Columbia College of the writing they’ve created in the Act/Write program. Act/Write combines Free Street Theater’s training techniques with the Columbia College Fiction Writing Department’s Story Workshop approach to the teaching of writing . Connections […]

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