Hi, L’Oreal!

As we head in to the new year, we thought we’d check in with Free Street Artist L’Oreal Jackson. In addition to her work at Free Street, L’Oreal is a yoga instructor, a solo performer, and a whiz at whipping up at home spa remedies.  Over the summer, she co-directed Why Didn’t the Chicken Cross […]

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Artist-In-Residence Highlight

We are very excited to welcome Chicago-native/New York-based Ricardo Gamboa as our Summer Artist-in-Residence. Ricardo will be facilitating The Paleta Project, a series of outdoor spectacles based around paleta carts. He’ll be working with youth 14-19 to generate the performances, which will be staged in parks and public spaces around the city. He’ll also be […]

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I love Free Street and always will. In the beginning, I was student to the actor training process and was able to do the workshops easily. In no time I was in a show called Origami Wings. It wasn’t my best but over the years I was able to fine tune and understand the process […]

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