100 Hauntings on

A big shout-out to our pals at for having us on to talk about ghosts, social justice, and what to do if you find you’re haunted. Here’s the live feed:  

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Bigger. Badder. Deader.

An elevator operator named Jorge doesn’t know he’s dead. A passive aggressive ghost defends his territory at the corner of Division and Western. A mysterious pattern of red lined maps chokes the city into decades-long segregation. In 100 Hauntings, created by an intergenerational ensemble of performers, comedians, writers and community organizers, Free Street asks who—and […]

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The Americans Are Coming…

The Americans are eating soft serve. The Americans think #SomeLivesMatter. The Americans are Team Orange, Team Pantsuit, or Team It’s All Rigged Anyway. The Americans are wondering if they can remove their gel manicures themselves. The Americans are excited about the return of the pumpkin spice latte. The Americans want a spoiler alert. The Americans […]

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