Performance for Direct Action and Intervention Training

In light of our current political climate, where so many in Chicago are newly galvanized to join protest efforts, Free Street is kicking off a 15-hour workshop/training series focused on creating performance to support direct action and intervention. From the history of protest performance, to planning an action, to the aesthetics of scale and space, […]

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Statement from Free Street Theater

At Free Street Theater, we are committed to creating performance that reflects the diversity of voices and experiences in our city and that responds to the structural issues that keep us from reaching our fullest range of possibility. Beyond that, we aim to be a community that is welcoming and inclusive, that invites people to […]

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No Babysitter? We’ve got you covered!

Are you the parent or guardian of a young child who WISHES they could see 100 Hauntings but OH LORD, getting childcare is complicated! And expensive! And complicated! And still expensive! We have you covered! During our 7pm performance of 100 Hauntings on Friday, October 28th, we will be offering a Story and Craft Hour […]

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