Ebony Baily

To me Free Street is a place to let your creativity go crazy.  Where you can share your  views and thoughts with everyone and not be judged. I like that we give each other feedback whenever we perform a monologue or do a scene. It’s always very helpful and we use it to better our […]

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What is This? This is Free Street!

Nothing is good, bad, or ugly. It just is. FREE STREET THEATER believes in your opinion, your ideas, and your creative energy. For 43 years, we’ve made theater to change the world. WANT TO FIND OUT MORE? ARE YOU A CREATIVE, ORIGINAL, UNIQUE PERSON AGE 14-18? YOU’RE IN LUCK! We’re having a special event (a […]

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Time for Fall

Thank You Summer Ensemble! The season was excellent! Now we are looking for our next group of students for our fall program! Don’t wait. Get your name on the list. Here’s how. What will you create? Here’s what our past Resident Ensembles have staged.

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