AUDITIONS: The Real Life Adventures of Jimmy de las Rosas


Free Street Theater is casting for The Real Life Adventures of Jimmy de las Rosas. Written by Ricardo Gamboa, and directed by Coya Paz, this action-packed play features a multigenerational cast and will be performed in 7 Chicago parks in collaboration with the Night Out in the Parks initiative. This is a paid opportunity that requires performers to be available for bi-weekly performances July 27-August 13. Rehearsals will begin in late-May. Auditions will be held Wednesday, May 13 4-8, by appointment only. To schedule an audition, please email H/R to coyapaz (at) gmail (dot) com.

Seeking actors to play the roles of:

JIMMY DE LAS ROSAS: A 13 year-old boy with telekinesis. Jimmy lives with his Mexican immigrant grandmother and mother. He is your average kid with an extra dose of sensitivity and a desire for something more. (Willing to cast adult performers who read young.)

ABUELA: Jimmy’s Grandmother. She works at her mango cart in the park. She is a concerned, thoughtful individual and very wise. Small, but a commanding presence, it is no surprise she is considered the Abuela of the whole neighborhood. Spanish speaking, fluent or proficient.

JUANI: Is the fast talking neighborhood gossip that has seen one too many television shows and telenovelas. She is akin to a Puerto Rican drag queen who just snorted 72 pixie sticks. Could be played by a man or woman, old or young, or any ethnicity as long as they are electric. Spanish speaking, fluent or proficient.

LETY DE LAS ROSAS: Jimmy’s mother, 30s. Lety is beautiful, noble and, most of all, tired. She is open to and sees the good in people. She loves Jimmy but gets upset with him. On top of the stress of being poor and having a super-empowered son, she is undocumented.

AYANA: A 13 year-old Black-American girl experiencing homelessness with super-powers in the form of metahuman capabilities—super-strength, speed, agility, etc. She also turns blue when her powers are activated. She is Eddie’s sister, sweet but rough around the edges, no nonsense but not without a sense of humor or quick wit. (Willing to cast adult performers who read young.)

EDDIE: An 11 year-old Black-American boy experiencing homelessness who is a telepath and brother of Ayana. Eddie is extremely good natured and longing for a home or family—to be a normal kid. (Willing to cast adult performers who read young.)

JOSE SALAS: He is the weathered and worn brooding mechanic. The strong and silent type with a dented heart.

DON MANUEL: The old and bumbling corner store owner who has a crush on Abuela.

OFFICER 1 & 2: Two police officers. Jerks with prejudice popping off their tongue, but who never want to hear any lip.

MUTANT CHIHUAHUAS: A band of seven were-wolf like creatures and the henchmen of the villain. They are furry action figures with big teeth and bloody paws.



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  1. Suzanna Rodriguez May 4, 2015 at 2:46 pm

    I play an excellent abuela! I’m 32, but with added gray and makeup can look pretty abuelita-like.

    • admin May 5, 2015 at 4:39 pm

      Come on in! We’d love to see you. Email Coya and she’ll send you the sides.

  2. Pedro Canarillo May 6, 2015 at 5:27 pm

    Hey! My friend tagged me in a post about how there’s a search for a baby faced Latino guy haha 🙂 I know I can pull off jimmy and would love to show y’all 🙂

  3. Oswaldo Calderon May 6, 2015 at 6:09 pm

    I can read for the Jose Salas role. I’m 43, 5’5″ and bilingual with no accent in English and a Mexican accent in Spanish.

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